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Why PSS?

Clients and contractors will no longer accept any old method statements or risk assessments. You need to ensure that your documentation is relevant and specific to the works that you are undertaking, whilst addressing all of the risks and hazards associated with the work. For many contractors the preparation of method statements and risk assessments can be a daunting and frustrating prospect. They may not be sure what to include or not have the time needed to prepare the documentation for themselves.

This is where Plymstock Safety Services can help. Based in Plymouth, Devon we specialise in small businesses and can tailor your documentation to suit your needs.

Health & Safety Policy

A written Health and Safety policy is required by law for businesses employing 5 or more employees. The H & S Policy must contain a signed statement of intent, organisation and specific arrangements section for the management of health and safety within the company. We can work with you to prepare a policy to your requirements or review and update your existing policy to ensure that it complies with current legislation.

Method Statements

More and more contractors are being asked by their clients to produce a method statement as part of their Health & Safety documentation. A method statement should specify the activities to be undertaken on a stage by stage basis and the precautions necessary to protect everyone involved, on some sites they are in fact a contractual requirement, requiring submission to the Principle Contractor for approval prior to work commencing. The phrase 'RAMS' is used throughout the construction and building industry. This refers to risk assessments and method statements and Plymstock Safety Services are able to provide you with a 'RAMS' pack specific to your work activities.

Risk Assessments

A written risk assessment is required where an employer has 5 or more employees. This is a requirement under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and we are able to assist you in the compilation of these risk assessments. We are able to help with display screen assessments, work at height, confined spaces, manual handling, use of work equipment and many other areas of your workplace, by addressing the risks and assisting with your legal requirement of risk assessments.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002

A COSHH assessment is a systematic study of the use of a substance, its form, quantity, handling, transporting and storage, its possible harmful effects and the control measures appropriate, including emergency procedures in case of exposure or spillage. The obtaining of a material safety data sheet for a substance does not constitute writing a COSHH assessment though it is one of the important steps in the process. The data sheet only describes the properties of the substance and precautions to be taken; it does not deal with the substance’s use. The main purpose of a COSHH assessment is to ensure that those who are dealing with such substances are provided with the correct information to protect themselves and others. Plymstock Safety Services are able to assist you in the completion of necessary COSHH assessments to ensure compliance with current Regulations .

Contractor Assessments

We can assist with the completion of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) stage 1 assessments, as required under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007. We can also assist you with the myriad of contractor evaluation and assessment forms that are becoming increasingly necessary during the tender process.

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Having used the services of PSS for some time as our H&S Advisors I would not hesitate to recommend them, great response times, having Jeremy and the team behind my company gives me the confidence to work for the largest developers out there.

Peter - Unique Sealants Ltd


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